UNT - NABA                

"Lifting As we climb"


UNT NABA Chapter

Welcome to NABA! We are the National Association of Black Accountants at UNT. We want to help students gain the academic and professional resources to succeed in the accounting field. We pride ourselves in being a professional chapter at the University of North Texas. We primarily cater to accounting and finance majors. However, every other business major is welcome to join our organization. UNT NABA concentrates on preparing our students for experiences with public firms and companies in a variety of industries. We want to provide our members with the opportunities to find employment in the future and make valuable relationships with industry professionals. UNT NABA helps members with the following concepts like: networking, mentoring, resume building, soft skills, and much more.

We work with faculty and our corporate sponsors to ensure a successful transition from academia to a professional environment. UNT NABA has an executory team that works hard and is very passionate about the accounting industry. We are loyal, determined, and always help each other in our endeavors.

You will find the opportunity to make friends and build lifelong relationships with individuals in the finance and accounting field. We hope you will become a member and take advantage of the wonderful opportunities our organization has to offer. Joining us is an invaluable experience and one that will certainly contribute to building your future career.

Feel free to message us at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns!


Marcela Garza

President of the

National Association of Black Accountants

University of North Texas Chapter